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Polluted Air Linked to Autism Risk

Pregnant women who live in smog-filled areas may be twice as likely to have children with autism, a new study suggests.More

29.06.2013 Polluted Air - Autism Risk

New Tests Vitamin D & Porphyrins

As of now we test also Vitamin D & PorphyrinsMore

24.06.2013 Vitamin D and Porphyrins Test

New Newsletter N° 3 - June 2013 Now Online

Topic: Testing for Sodium and Potassium in Blood, Urine or Hair More

04.06.2013 MTM Newsletter Icon

Potential Health Risks of Metals in Lip Products

Researchers from the University of Berkeley, Ca measured the content of the most common toxic metals in 32 lip stick products and found that most contained high levels of aluminum and titanium. High levels of lead were found in...More

03.06.2013 EHP Logo

French version of eBook Beat Autism Now (BAN) as of now published

This first in a series by E.Blaurock-Busch, presents basic information and statistics about autism, explaining the detoxification pathway and what can be done, inexpensively and effectively. More

01.06.2013 Cover French eBook Beat Autism Now

New Newsletter N° 2 - May 2013 Now Online

Topic: Breast Cancer InformationMore

28.05.2013 MTM Newsletter Icon

Scientists uncover link between gut bacteria and autism

A healthy gut bacteria should be the aim in the prevention and treatment of numerous diseases. Concerned parents and patients must still be made aware that microbiological testing of feces MUST be done in a local laboratory,...More

24.05.2013 Logo
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