Optimizing Nutrition

An optimal and individualized nutritional program supports immune function, which is important in the treatment of allergies and other diseases involving the immune system.  Oral supplementation needs to take into account the individual nutrients bioavailability, which is influenced by digestive function. In addition, a high toxic exposure inactivates enzyme function and  increases the body's demand for certain nutrients.

Publiziert im Naturheilkunde Journal, Ausgabe Juni 2016.

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Nutrients and Antioxidants

Natural chelation is as old as mankind, and if the body's ability to detoxify itself would not work, humans would long have succumbed to the many toxins they have been exposed to through centuries.

Certain nutrients such as the sulfur-containing amino acids or vitamin C have the ability to actually bind and eliminate toxins. Other nutrient such as selenium or zinc prevent toxic metal uptake and help normalize a healthy biochemistry.

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Oxidative Stress and Nutrition

The oxidative stress as diagnosed in patients under toxic exposure largely determines the individual's detoxification potential. For that reason, a patient's nutritional program must be carefully developed, taken into account the type of toxic exposure.


The Sulfur-Containing Amino acids

Cysteine and Methionine are sulfur-containing amino acids. Both are able to bind metals such as arsenic or mercury. Combined with antioxidents, these amino acids aid detoxification. Vitamin B6 supports their metabolisation.

Nutritional detox

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