Why we not test bacteria & fungi in stool

We certainly can do microbiological testing!

Our medical laboratory director Dr. A. Schoenberger is a recognized microbiologist and we value his opinion. His arguments against performing microbiological testing in fecal matters are logical:

  1. Bacteria and fungi are heat- and pH-sensitive and grow (or die) depending on the immediate environment. If a sample is collected, testing should be started almost immediately, or else results are influenced.
  2. If microbiological testing is performed on samples collected more than one day ago, false positive as well as false negative results can be expected.
  3. We do not want to provide misleading results, which would be misinterpreted by physicians who trust, and rely on the accuracy of our work.
  4. We continue to provide our physicians with dependable analytical work. We work hard to enable them to provide the best treatment to patients who equally trust them.