Conférences internationales & ateliers 2021

Chelation Workshop, February 1-2, 2020, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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The 2nd Malaysian Conference on Clinical Metal Toxicology and Antidotes was held February 22nd to the 24th, 2019 at the Flamingo Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. In attendance were 79 mostly Malay physicians, but also doctors from India, Indonesia and Thailand.

The conference was organized by Prof. Hj. Mohd Ebrahim Sulaiman MD, a pioneers of chelation therapy who reflected on protocols and the need to follow them. It was refreshing to hear him stress NaMgEDTA for the treatment of vascular disease. He provided detailed instructions on the preparation and application of antidotes, instructed about the need for proper diagnostics. Among the many interesting lectures was the talk by Professor Dr. Suresh Kumar of the University of Malaysia, concerning toxic parasites and cancer. Dr. Zawawi Bin Abdullah’s lecture focused on cadmium poisoning and Dr. Nor’ashikin Binti Othman, Head of the Drug and Research Unit and Clinical Toxicology Unit of the Department of Pathology, Hospital Kuala Lumpur instructed about mandatory laboratory testing in clinical toxicology. Natural methods of detoxification were presented by Dr. Paramijt Kaur. Dr. Blaurock-Busch focused on diagnostics and gadolinium toxicity.